Begging for May & Beyond

May is slow for me. Has been for the last 11 years of music making.

Shaun Groves singingColleges and churches are the ones that book me to sing and/or speak on behalf of Compassion international. And in May, churches are turning the corner into Summer programs, mission trips, and camps galore. Colleges are taking exams and graduating Seniors. So the booking requests stop hitting our inbox and I start begging.

If you’d like to see your community release lots of children from poverty in Jesus’ name, please e-mail us at [email protected] or just fill out the on-line form at Our greatest need right now is May 18-20.

You don’t have to be a professional or experienced promoter to book me. And you don’t have to spend a bunch of money either.

In fact, it’s almost always a busy mom who e-mails us. She loves kids and wants to inspire her community to serve children living in poverty around the world. She gets permission from her pastor to use the church sanctuary and host a concert, or finds out what days he’ll be on vacation and asks if I can substitute preach while he’s away. Thousands of children have been sponsored because people just like you sent us an e-mail.

Shaun Groves speakingIf you book me to sing or speak you’ll only be asked to provide one hotel room, one meal and pitch in a little gas money. And to promote, promote, promote! Other than that, we’re coming for free! What little expenses you do have can be recovered by asking local businesses to sponsor the event or by collecting an offering – get creative! You don’t have to be out a penny.

Our goal is to be the easiest cheapest folks you’ve ever worked with…and to see children released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Links to more info:

  • To learn more about Compassion International, the organization I represent, visit
  • To learn more about me and my career so far, check out
  • To learn more about my latest album Third World Symphony (I’ll give this away at events to anyone who sponsors a child) visit or give it a listen on iTunes.

Some ideas on how to put me to good use while I’m with you:

  • Speaking on Sunday morning
  • Leading a workshop for worship leaders and volunteers in the community
  • Teaching a songwriting class, with song critiques
  • Singing at private schools, churches, colleges, and conferences

We’d love to head your way in May…and beyond. Get in touch! Thank you.

“Shaun Groves is using his voice in many arenas – as a committed husband and father, a well-known blogger, a much sought-after speaker, and a gifted and accomplished musician – but in all cases, Shaun’s voice is heard loud and clear as an advocate for those living in extreme poverty. His long-awaited album, Third World Symphony, showcases much more than Shaun’s musical abilities – the lyrics clearly express the poverty of ‘not enough’ as well as the reverse poverty of ‘too much.’ I am humbled by Shaun’s conviction and passion as he compellingly represents Compassion’s ministry to needy children around the world. Thank you Shaun for continuing to show us God’s heart for His children!”
– Dr. Wess Stafford, President and CEO, Compassion International