Following Ida. Day One’s Plan

The plan for day one of this trip is to meet up in Houston this morning and fly to San Salvador. Once we arrive the plan is to grab some lunch and head to Compassion International‘s El Savador office to see where all the letters from sponsors are translated, learn how the money is handled, etc, and let the bloggers ask any and every question they want about how Compassion International works in El Salvador.

That’s the plan.


Hurricane Ida ripped through El Salvador a couple days ago and so we’re not entirely sure what we’re flying into. We’ll be safe – I’m sure of that – but will we have power? WIll we have internet access? What’s left when a hurricane hits a third world country with already iffy infrastructure? We’ll soon see.

And so will you.

If AT&T is still up and running you’ll be able to follow our progress, see pictures and maybe even video every day in the widget at the top of this post or at (If you don’t see a widget in this post, go here.)

Shouldn’t be a dull moment. Might be a few hard ones. And totally worth it too.