Updates: Free Music, My Next Trip, Christmas Tour, Rib Meets Ball, And A Couch Problem

A couple of updates for you guys.  I know you’re trembling with anticipation, on the edge of your proverbial seat and whatnot: “When’s Shaun going to update us on stuff,” I know you’ve been saying.  Daily.  I know.  So here you go.

1. The next trip I’ll be taking with Compassion International is April 26-May 2 with Compassion Bloggers.  We’re heading to India – Calcutta.  I’m told it’s the worst poverty I will have seen.  And we’re needing some resilient bloggers with the gifts of empathy and story-telling to join us.  Interested? Go here and sign up and I’ll check out your blog and choose our bloggers soon.  Thanks, in advance for all your prayers for this trip.

2. Thank you for spreading the word about Kingdom Coming, the new free song of mine available at shaungroves.com/freemusic since November 4th.  Lots of you have blogged about it, e-mailed it to friends, Twittered it, Facebooked it (is that a valid verb?).  Because of YOU the song continues to be downloaded 200 times a day on average.  That’s incredible!  Thank you!  More free music is on its way in 2009.

3. The Christmas tour (Gloria!) was a success.  Over 500 kids were sponsored at our few shows in December, thanks largely to the drawing power of the Barry Manilow of Christian music (He really likes being called this about as much as I like being called skinny so do it often, m’kay?) and Cindy Morgan…and many of you who came to those shows and sponsored children.  Thank you.  I’m booking solo shows for 2009 as I type – well, Ben is booking them as I type.  So, if you’re interested in having me come out to your neck of the woods to sing and/or speak, just drop Ben a line.  It’s free if I can talk about Compassion…and I’m not coming at all if I can’t.  Also, Travis and I are teaming up – sort of – for a special event this month.  I’ll let you know about that when it gets closer.

4. My busted rib was feeling a little better until a couple nights ago when I was attacked by terrorists of some sort.  I was running from some bad people in a dream who were using a new weapon.  It was a black ball.  It was shiny so it reflected stuff around it, making it harder to see when thrown at you.  If it touched you, it stuck, and then sent out a signal giving your coordinates to the bad guys who then came to get you.  And you couldn’t run.  The ball would detonate if you moved more than 2 inches.  So, I’m running and I think I’ve made it to safety, a long alley with no bad guys in sight and then, out of a doorway steps a guy in all black throwing one of these ball things at me.  It was smaller than I thought it would be so I didn’t recognize what it was until the last second. To avoid the thing I became a human “c.” I threw my arms up and out at an angle, curved my abdomen in and the ball whizzed by.  Thing is, when I did this in my dream, I did it in my bed, slamming my hands into the wall and doing what pretty much amounted to the mother of all stomach crunches – with a broken rib. Terrorists, in case you weren’t convinced before, are evil, even in dreams.  Especially in dreams.

5. We bought a new couch and we have an old one and three chairs to get rid of.  Our church doesn’t want them.  Goodwill won’t pick them up.  Becky wants to leave them at the curb in hopes that someone will just pick them up and use them.  MY fear is that, well, this is Tennessee, and I’m not so sure that in these parts a couch and chairs in the front yard really says “Take me, I’m free” as much as it says, “Cousins marry here.” Any advice from the Nashvillians in the crowd about how exactly to give away much large furniture?