Widgetized To Release Kids From Poverty

A lot of you have placed a Compassion Bloggers Dominican Republic widget in the sidebar of your blog.  Muchas gracias.  As of a few minutes ago I changed the look of those widgets and made them all link to the Dominican Trip page over at CompassionBloggers.com.  The widget has a little countdown on it ticking down to the day of our departure.

This widget makes it easy for you and your blog’s readers to spread the word about the trip (click the “share” button to share it on your blog, facebook or myspace profile, for example).  But it also allows readers all over the web to read all of our blog posts with one click.  Every post, video and picture will be archived over on the Dominican Trip page the widgets link to.  Easy shmeezy lemon squeezy.

If you don’t already have one of these widgets on your blog (all the cool kids are doing it) now’s your chance to help us out.  Just pick the size you need below.  And let me know if there’s another size you could use.

150 pixels wide:

200 pixels wide:

Thanks for the help, everybody.  Together we’re about to release hundreds of kids from poverty.