An Apology And A Promise

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog much from the Dominican Republic and I won’t be able to blog anything else after this for a day or so.  This is not a blogging trip.  It was a trip taken to shoot three small films telling the stories of sponsored children to music festival audiences.  Choosing which stories to tell, interviewing enough people to put the story together, shooting them – well, it’s taken up a lot of time with very little left over for sharing my experiences with you.

But I promise I will.

I have video to edit and pictures to post that will anger and inspire you.  This trip, unlike any other I’ve taken with Compassion, has revealed the injustice of American corporations and its impact on the developing world.  I was truly shocked a few times at the degree of damage these corporations are doing to the lives of children here in the Dominican Republic, and constantly inspired by Compassion’s ability, working through the local church, to release children from the poverty such injustices have created here.

Much to share.  I promise I will.

For now, I’m heading to bed.  I have a 3AM wake-up call to rest up for.


(I can’t wait to hold my family.)

While you wait for more posts, PLEASE GO SPONSOR A CHILD.