An Afternoon Of Questions

If you were me, and if you, as me, were redesigning your website, would you move your blog to the homepage ( or keep it inside the site like it is now?  Would you keep the name “Shlog” – recognized around the world as a symbol of… – well, would you keep the name?  Or would you just make it live at and ditch the name? Or call it Loretta or Steve?  What would you do?


If you could go anywhere in the world to see the work of Compassion International, where would you go?  We’re beginning to plan another Compassion Bloggers trip and we’re choosing location.  There are lots of things to consider besides where people would LIKE to go but I’m just curious.  Which of the twenty-five countries would you visit and why?

Boring blog day, I know, but I’m just warming up after my day(ish) off.  Back tomorrow with a little pondering of McCain’s speech.  It’s only fair.