My Sweet Spot. With Your Help.

In the last eight months the folks at my concerts have sponsored over 1000 children through Compassion International. Only a couple other artist’s crowds have sponsored more children in that same time period.  I think I might know why.

First, economics. In a recession the price people are willing to pay for stuff – including concerts – goes down. Bigger artists, who must charge promoters to cover their production costs, are having a hard time getting booked these days.  I’m not.  I’m free. Free stuff, apparently, is unaffected by a recession.

Also, a promoter who pays to book an artist has to charge the audience to make that money back.  My concerts are free. Shows that charge a ticket price are having attendance problems right now but my shows are as well attended (that’s relative) as ever. But a lot of great Compassion artists – better artists – aren’t on the road as often or playing for as many people as they once were.  My schedule and attendance are unaffected.  Thankfully.

Second, the big guys play mostly cities that get all the concerts.  And their concert goers are largely core Christian music listeners who’ve heard about Compassion International before.  But I’m usually in churches (not arenas) that don’t often (or ever) host concerts, in smaller cities that the bigger Compassion artists rarely pass through.  So, a larger portion of my concert audience has never heard about Compassion International.  They’re much more likely to sponsor a child when given the opportunity, than someone who’s heard about it a dozen times already.

Over 5,000 kids have been sponsored at my concerts now – not counting festivals and college chapels and through this blog – largely because of economics and geography.  I’m getting more shows than the big guys right now and those shows are full of people who’ve never been given the opportunity to sponsor a child before.  I’m in a sweet spot that’s only getting sweeter.

But there’s a third and very important factor too: this blog and you.

I don’t have a booking agency.  I have my hardworking friend Ben.  Ben and I don’t have a big database and we don’t make cold-calls to churches. We have something better: you.

Every quarter(ish) I let you guys know that we’re booking free concerts and speaking engagements for the sole purpose of releasing as many kids from poverty as possible.  And then, astonishingly, you guys start e-mailing and calling people and within just a few days we’ve booked the next few months worth of FREE shows.  That’s faster than any agency could do it!  Thank you, on behalf of thousands of kids in the developing world.

Ben’s asked me to pass these specific booking needs on to you guys in hopes that someone out there can help us once again.  We’re booking the next several months right now, so please get in touch with Ben if you can help with any of these or would like to book me to speak and/or sing on behalf of Compassion International in your neck of the woods:

– Currently booking April-June – especially in need of Sunday morning speaking opportunities.

– Ben’s working on a mid-west run… around Tulsa, Wichita, or Kansas City (no specific date yet).

– There’s interest from a promoters in East Texas and East Tennessee but we need to find another couple of opportunities in those areas to make the most of the trips.

– For March 28 & 29 we’re needing an opportunity somewhere between Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

– For the end of April we’re needing an opportunity near Minneapolis, MN.

– For June 20-21 we’re needing an opportunity in South Florida

– Anywhere else!

Thanks in advance for all your help.