Driving Home

Brody and I are heading home.  All gigs this weekend are canceled.

Gresham is being admitted to the hospital.  He has something called Kawasaki disease.

He did have an infection in his neck – that was real – but the focus was so on that infection that we all missed the bigger problem: this disease.  In other words, he got two sicknesses at the same time – freakish – that slowed the doctors’ discovery of this more serious problem.

It’s curable.  It’ll actually, usually be gone very quickly once treatment begins.  Right now they’re ruling out other diseases, but they’re pretty sure it’s Kawasaki.

If Kawasaki is caught with the first ten days of fever – like is has been with Gresham – the kid usually recovers.  If it’s caught later the vessels to the heart can become inflamed and the child can die.  Tonight they’re doing an echocardiogram to make sure his heart is OK and then they’ll start treatment.

We’re driving all night, so you night owls, pray us home.  I’ll be at the hospital by 10AM.  That’s the plan anyway.

Prayers still very appreciated.