The Rockies are just over the balcony railing, past the parking lot and the other lodges filled with musicians.  It’s beautiful here.

imageMy brother-in-law Brian (former road manager) now works for the artist division of Compassion International and he’s here in Estes Park visiting with artists on his roster and meeting new ones.  He and I left our kids and wives with in-laws at the Denver airport this morning.  They drove together to a cabin hours away in a remote part of Colorado while Brian and I rented a car and headed here, to GMA‘s Seminar In The Rockies – an event aiming to teach Christian musicians how to do what they do better and give them the chance to be heard by music industry professionals.

I’ll be teaching a little tomorrow.  And then I’ll perform at a Compassion sponsored show with Rebecca St.James and Aaron Shust – I’m also hosting that show and giving the Compassion “talk.”

When our work here is done in a couple days, Brian and I will head to the cabin far away and kick back with family for the rest of the week.  No e-mail.  No cell phones.  Just floating down a cold river, trout fishing, a poker game or two and rest.

Becky’s sick and so am I.  We can’t seem to go for more than a month without catching something.  This time it’s just a cold for me, a fever and aches for Becky.  We’ve had it for a week now.  Hopefully the clean mountain air and a little down time will set us right.  Regardless, it’s hard to feel bad here.  Beautiful.  Worth every mile to get here.