Back And Gone Again

Just got back from my hometown Tyler, Texas this afternoon.  We had a great time.  The local radio station KVNE let me on the airwaves for their morning drive show.  Thanks, Mike and Trisha, for that.  I played a little lunch time show at Tyler Junior College where I spent a year myself after high school, studying music and getting some basic out of the way before heading off to college.  Next, I took Brody out for some Tex Mex.  Then the church my family is part of, First Baptist Tyler, turned me lose on their surprisingly rowdy crowd for a Valentines night show…sans my valentine (We went out tonight instead).

I’m off again in the morning.  Flying to Tulsa, driving several hours to College Of The Ozarks, then two hours to a hotel.  The next morning we wake up and drive a few hours to Wichita, Kansas for a noon set and then stick around to play again in the evening.  Then it’s Missouri the next day.

I’m tied just thinking about it.  Heading to bed.  More later from the road.

Before I go, what I miss most about Texas is these people:


From left to right: My dad, sister (Lindy), her kids (Kimbry, Kase and Keilin), me and mom, who will no doubt ask me to remove this picture.  She’s beautiful but for some reason doesn’t ever want that captured on film, much less shown to the world.