Sammy Stephens Launches Soft Rock Star’s Career

This is getting out of hand.

I just got off the phone with a journalist for the Associated Press.  We talked about Sammy Stephens and his Flea Market Montgomery rap, his video on youtube and my version of his ditty.  She wrote down the name of my blog. “S-H-L-O-G DOT COM”

This story will be released around the world.

So, let me get this straight.  I slave over three albums of original material, get played on countless radio stations around the world, get nominated for a few awards, tour the country with big deal artists, play ten or so shows a month year round for seven years and THIS is what will generate the most traffic to my site than anything in the history of my career?  This is what I’ll be known for by so many?  I’m the guy who covered “Flea Market Montgomery?”

When’s the Flea Market tour start?