Is Compassion Bloggers Wasting Money That Could Help More Kids?

Continuing our series on Compassion Bloggers, today I’ll answer the skeptics’ number one question about these trips. And it’s a great one. But first…

First, I’m gonna brag.

  • When the Wallstreet Journals’ Smart Money magazine evaluated the fiscal integrity of over 680,000 North American non-profits, it put Compassion International in the top ten charities that give givers “the most bang for the buck.”
  • Charity Navigator, the premier non-profit watchdog, has awarded Compassion their highest honor – four stars – for the last nine years in a row. Compassion is the only U.S. based child development organization to receive so many consecutive four star ratings.
  • The American Institute of Philanthropy has also awarded Compassion its highest rating year after year.
  • Worth magazine included Compassion in its short list of the most fiscally responsible non-profits.

More than 80% of expenditures go to serve Compassion’s children – thus all the accolades. That percentage is promised to never dip below 80%. Ever.

Now, hang on! What about the 20%? Where’s that going? A jet for the CEO? His three homes? Your fancy shmancy haircut, singer boy?

Well, there is no jet, he doesn’t have three homes and I actually cut my own hair. (I know, I know. Stop it. I’m blushing.)

Some of that 20% goes to air-conditioning, salaries and other costs of doing ministry.ย And some of it goes to marketing.


I wish it wasn’t so, but until everyone in the first world knows about the need in the third world and knows they can do something about it through Compassion International, well, we have to tell them. And that telling is called marketing.

Marketing dollars buy stage time at concerts and other events, ads in magazines and on the radio, banners on websites, mail-outs and, yes, blogging trips.

Are these blog trips the best use of marketing dollars?

I’m told that these blogging trips are one of the most cost-effective (some say the most cost-effective) forms of marketing Compassion has. These trips do so much good for so many children for so little money!

And beyond the children…the education these trips provide to Christians in the first world, and the encouragement that these trips are to sponsors, and the number of them who decide to write their child more often, and the inspiration these trips give to us all to love our neighbors right here at home, and the pride overseas staff feel in having their work shown to the world in word and pictures…well, the return is tremendous! How do you put a price on all that?

How can these trips possibly be so cost-effective?

  • Low Cost: Compassion’s Trips Department is amazing and somehow manages to get the most incredible rates on hotels and flights.
  • High Exposure: 30,000 people, at least, follow a single blogging trip. Our largest trip is estimated to have drawn a crowd about three times as large! That is a lot of exposure in a very short amount of time…and growing as more bloggers join us and help spread the word!

So, are we wasting money? Not a chance.

Could we use the money spent on blogging trips to help kids? We are! Many thousands more children now have sponsors because of Compassion Bloggers.

Any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.