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Levites, Foreigners, Orphans, Widows, & The Poor (Jesus & Justice Part 7)

What’s so special about foreigners, orphans, widows, and the poor? Why are these groups of people mentioned so often in scriptures that deal with justice? It goes back to the early days of Israel. When it was one nation divided into twelve tribes, God gave every tribe a portion of… Read More

What God Says Is Due (Jesus & Justice Part 5)

Biblical Hebrew is a word-poor language with only a few thousand words – most words having several meanings like diamonds with many facets. Today we’ll look at just one facet of “mishpat.” When you hear the word justice you probably think of the legal system: a courtroom, a judge presiding,… Read More

Jesus On Partisan Politics

There were two main political parties in Israel when Jesus arrived. He didn’t side with either of them, but chose a disciple from each of them. Herodians supported the Roman occupation of Israel and Herod Antipas as king. Rome, after all, had improved infrastructure, its large army protected Israel from… Read More