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What is biblical equality?

Scholars now believe that 80% of Christians living in Jerusalem in Paul’s day were “poor.” Not poor like I was in college, surviving on Ramen and Kool-Aid. Biblically poor: they didn’t have daily bread. Paul’s plan to care for them was to ask Corinthian Christians, who had more than their… Read More

Choice Paralysis

The college student smart enough to succeed at several majors. The retiree who could do a hundred things with the next thirty years of his life. The businessman with a zillion 401K options. Me standing before fifty varieties of spaghetti sauce at the grocery store. The woman at a conference hearing appeals from a dozen non-profits and just causes. Choice paralysis. View Post

The Give List

I’ve been experimenting on myself for a few months now. Every day I set out to give just one thing. undivided attention to a stranger an unusually large and undeserved tip quarters stacked on a candy machine at the grocery store Admittedly, some days the gifts felt small and unappreciated,… Read More