With Some Dental Assistance

My dentist lives in North Carolina. Many years ago, when we first met, Tracy was a volunteer worship leader at her church and brought me there to sing and speak about Compassion International. And to clean my teeth.

Four visits (I think) to Burlington later, more than 300 kids have been sponsored – because of Tracy! She’s been a great friend to both Compassion and me over the years.

When she volunteered to handle any and all details of this new album release my “yes” was immediate. I mean, I’ve seen her refrigerator. This woman spaces the contents of her refrigerator out, an inch between everything in all directions, labels facing out. Obviously gifted…or in need of medication. Either way, perfect for the job.

So soon after the album was funded she handed me manilla envelopes filled with spreadsheets and printed address labels for all the donors. (And I heard angels singing.)

Tracy's Organizational Skillz

Everything was so organized a child could take it from there. So…


Hey, they volunteered.

Penelope (6) works alone while the little guy (4) and Gabriella (10) tag team.

S Stuffing An Envelope

He stuffs and she seals and bosses oversees production.


Oh, what am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing?


Drinking sweet tea is hard.


Without these little workers (the reward of chocolate) and Tracy’s organizational skillz your CD definitely wouldn’t hit your mailbox by August 30th. Thank you, Tracy.