Putting The Mm Back In Community

A few years ago a small group of friends formed in our neighborhood. We jokingly labeled our little circle the cult-de-sac on account of the unusually large amount of time and stuff we shared: kids, margaritas, tools, parties, lawn mowers, a massive swing set, food… You can’t have community without food can you?

The ladies started this meal co-op thing, for instance. It worked like this: Each cook was responsible for cooking dinner for every family in the co-op one night out of four, freeing whoever wasn’t cooking to hang out in a lawn chair with everyone else in the cult-de-sac and watch the kids play together. (The other three nights of the week we cooked for ourselves. By “we” I mean Becky.)

It was a great little system they worked out not just because it gave us more free time in the evenings, but because it gave us all more money too: it wound up being cheaper to cook a lot one day a week than a little every day of the week.  Go figure.

Well, the co-op is making a comeback. Brian and Amy1 (and their six kids) are in, as are Becky and I (with our three). And we’ve added Andy and his wife Amy2 (and their four) this time around. It’s only the first week of meal swapping but so far so good great: creamy potato soup from Amy1 on Monday, followed by chicken casserole with mashed taters and green beans from Amy2 last night. (Are you sure you’re not Baptist or Southern?)  Tonight Becky’s bringin’ it with some black bean enchiladas.


Community tastes gooooood.

Oh, if only Ree and Sophie lived nearby. Please, Jesus, I’m just asking for a couple of little tiny job transfers. That’s all.

So, anybody else out there have a cost-saving or community-building tip to share?