Two Sides Of The Coin

One side…
Collecting an offering on Sunday morning will turn some people off to Christianity so we shouldn’t do it. Aren’t they more important? They’ll think the church is just after their money. They’ll be embarrassed if they don’t drop anything into the basket. They’ll be needlessly uncomfortable. Putting a box in the back for people to quietly drop their gifts into is better, but still. If we collect an offering on Sunday morning we risk sending some people to hell over something that really isn’t that important.

The other side…
Collecting an offering of some kind in some way on Sunday morning is an essential part of worshipping God together. Since the widow gave her mite and Barnabus laid his gifts at Peter’s feet in Acts, and even before, God’s people have worshipped together by giving. We shouldn’t get rid of the offering just to make non-Christians feel better about Christianity. Being a Christian is uncomfortable and embarrassing sometimes.

Interesting lunch discussion today at Ouachita Baptist University huh? Wish you were there.

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