Perfect Timing

Becky’s grandfather just turned 90. And, he jokes, he still has all his original parts – No replacements. The man is in better health at 90, more mentally sharp, more active and enthusiastic than I am many days at 36!

So we’re celebrating.

The whole family is headed out to sea for a week. A whole week without cooking a meal, scrubbing a dish, mopping a floor, returning a phone call, entertaining strangers, or – ah – the internet.

Papaw turned 90 just in time. I need a break. Even if he doesn’t seem to!

The road has worn me out. This Summer I’ve had the honor – truly, an honor – to be one of Compassion‘s regular festival speakers. I’ve never spoken to so many people at once, seen so many children sponsored, seen so many different meats on sticks. Seriously, a corndog made from a Twinkie? Really? Is your life so miserable that you’re now sprinting to heaven? Have you nothing to live for??

But, anyway, it’s been a blast of a Summer so far but I need some rest, a few hands of Blackjack, a little swimming with stingrays, sleeping in, the rhythms of the water, a good book, a nap in the ocean breeze with my bride, lots of belly laughs with friends and family, to celebrate life with a man who’s seen more of it than most.

I need to lie down beside some still waters, to have my soul restored.

Mom and Dad are in town to play with my kids for the week and I’m off to the big boat.

While I’m gone, you might want to check out my favorite blogs, the ones I won’t get to read this week. And when I get back, I’ll see some of you at the six festivals and many college chapels we’ll be heading to in the next few months. After I unspoil my children and detox them from sugar and lawlessness.

Could you do me a favor? Pray that God “makes me lie down” – it doesn’t come easily for me.

Thanks, friends.