Meeting The Blind Dates

This trip I’ve just begun is, in many ways, a blind date. I’ve talked to the Dominican Republic bloggers by phone, traded what feels like thousands of e-mails, read their blogs for many months, but we’re about to meet face to face for the first time.

I don’t know much about these folks, not as much as I should know about a bunch of people I’ll be spending an entire week with.  I know Tim and his son are Canadian so they probably like Keanu Reeves movies and bacon a lot.  I know Marlboro Man does something with cows.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he probably enjoys a chunk of red meat from time to time.  I know Mary has ten children.  Let me say that again. The woman has ten children. So I know she’s probably a little nuts and/or highly medicated. I know Jennifer is from Connecticut but is originally from Texas, and I know Melanie is a Texan.  So Jesus probably likes the two of them more than the others.  These are just best guesses of courses.

I’ll know the truth soon.  In a few minutes we’ll hug and shake hands in the Miami airport, board a plane bound for Santo Domingo, and spend the next several days watching the miracle of hope mingling with poverty in the Dominican Republic.  We’ll learn together about what exactly a sponsor’s $32 a month does to transform the life of a child in the developing world.  We’ll get our shoes dirty and our hearts filled up with memories of watching the kingdom come to earth.  And by the end of the week we won’t be acquaintances anymore.  We’ll be friends.

Nothing I’ve found on earth brings people closer faster than serving a cause greater than ourselves.  And that’s what this week is about: Spreading hope through the blogosphere and asking readers like you to give it to one child.  Thanks for reading.  Go here to read every post, and see every picture and video this week.  Or subscribe to the trip’s RSS feed.