Feathers and Phone Calls

I spent the morning scowering the city for feathers.  $2 for a package containing exactly two turkey feathers?  No way.  Not for one night of freezing my backside off while begging neighbors for candy with my kids.

Becky’s a cowgirl this year and spent last night making chaps.  Yes, chaps.  Which, by the way, the Pioneer Woman learnt me are pronounced shaps on account of them coming from the Spanish chapparal, which is thick brush.  I learnt that last little nugget on my own.  God bless those who built and currently maintain the internets.

I am the Native American to Becky’s cowgirl.  And there will hopefully be no skirmishes.  But there could quite possibly be wrasslin’.  I’m just sayin’.  She’s got chaps.

After assembling my headdress, I hopped on a conference call with the bloggers Brian and I are traveling with to the Dominican RepublicSophie, from the last trip, was kind enough to join us, so that the bloggers on this trip would know at least one blogger from last trip actually made it home alive – albeit it more than a little different from when she left.

Now that we’ve all “met” by phone, I’m more at ease about the trip.  You know, you never know how people will connect, how easily, if at all, they’ll interact.  I was relieved when the conversation turned to Europeans in speedos and everyone laughed.  Thank God, these people have a sense of humor and seem to actually like each other already.  That is a huge plus when you’re rooming and traveling a new land together for an entire week.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and these bloggers and our trip.  We leave Sunday and more prayers are appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

One last thing.  My road manager/booking guy/friend is also a web and graphics guru and has worked very hard to build the Compassion Bloggers site.  He just finished building everything I need to upload pictures, videos and posts from the Dominican Republic on my own during the trip.  He’s invested many many hours into this project.  Please stop by and thank him if you have a minute.  Thanks.