Happy Election Day.  Here’s Some Free Music.

Birthdays have cakes.  Christmas has trees.  Halloween has pumpkins. St. Patrick’s Day has green beer.  Valentines Day has Tums disguised as heart-shaped candy.  What does Election Day get?  Besides hours of guys in suits talking on every major channel?  Nada.  Zilch.  Not a thing.

So I wrote and recorded a little ditty for your Election Day enjoyment.  Use it to celebrate.

Celebrate what? So glad you asked.  Thanks for the set-up.

Celebrate that regardless of who becomes president, God is still King.  And celebrate that he chose, for reasons I simply do not begin to understand, to plop you and I down in a country overflowing with gifts like food, water, and shelter.  Celebrate that God is using his people (and a lot of other folks too) to give these gifts to the rest of the world also.

The song is called “Kingdom Coming” and it’s totally free.  You won’t be asked for an e-mail address or anything else.  Just click the image in this post and the song will download.  You’re free to pass it on too – and please do.

To put the download image on your blog, in an e-mail or share it with your facebook or myspace friends, go here and follow the simple directions.

Please e-mail me if you have any problems getting the song.  Thanks for listening.  Enjoy.