Phase One Down.  Soon, Monkeys.

I’m releasing a new song, Kingdom Coming, in phases.  Because I’m a nerd.  I’m experimenting to see how many downloads each phase gets.  I want to know what works to get the word out and exactly how well. Again, I’m a nerd.  I’m making bar graphs. I’m OK with this.

For phase one, I let you guys who read my blog know about the free download.  I posted about it and I put a little widget over there to the right for you to grab and spread around.  A couple thousand downloads resulted from phase one’s first week thanks to BooMama, BigMama, Bush and several other B word bloggers who spread the word from my blog to theirs.  Muchas gracias.

For phase two my friend (and genius) Ben Stewart built a web page where Kingdom Coming can be downloaded: It has a simple(ish) address so, for example, folks on the radio could mention it if they felt so inclined.  For example.  Hypothetically.  Also, in phase two a lot of people I (barely) know will get an e-mail from me about that page.

Phase three, monkeys with tiny crowns and tiny scepters released into public places handing out tiny business cards with on them.

Phase four, celebrity endorsements.

Phase five, infomercial and a bonus bottle of car wax if you DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

Phase six, a viral music video starring those monkeys and celebrities.

Like I said, it’s all very experimental and scientific like.

If you haven’t downloaded the free tune, click that widget over on the right or head over to

And please, pass it on.  Thank you in advance.