Taking The Wagon For A Spin

Many months ago Brian and I were talking about other ways to get the word out about Compassion.  I came up with a crazy idea:  Why not take bloggers on the same kind of trips artists who represent Compassion go on?  Why not take them on these trips and just ask them blog about it…and link to Compassion?

We wondered if a handful of bloggers on just one trip could potentially inspire as many sponsorships and as much prayer and awareness as an in-demand artist on Compassion’s roster generates in a year.  There’s just one way to find out.  Let’s try it.

imageBrian, after just a short time on the job at Compassion working in artist relations (formerly my road manager and booking guy), took the idea to the higher ups at Compassion.  He had much support from another artist relations guy Spence and our friend/blog guru Randy.  After a very short time mulling it over, the folks at Compassion decided to take this wagon for a test drive.  (They’re the first organization of their kind to do this kind of thing, by the way.) So here we go.

Seventeen of us are heading to Uganda, February 10-18, to journal publicly about what we see Compassion doing there.  We’ll post our very best stories, pictures and videos every day but this trip won’t succeed without your help.  We need you to…

  • Read one or more of our blogs every day of this trip.
  • Invite others to do the same
  • Link to or e-mail what we blog
  • Pray for our safety, creativity, technology and the success, however God defines it, of this little experiment
  • Here are the bloggers going to Uganda:













    http://www.spencesmith.typepad.com (Compassion Artist Relations)

    http://www.brianseay.wordpress.com (Compassion Artist Relations)

    http://www.christian-child-sponsorship.blogspot.com (Head Honcho/Internet Genius Guy)

    http://www.keelymariescott.blogspot.com (Official Photographer)

    Thank you in advance for helping us blog thousands of kids out of poverty.