The Thing About The Most Admired & Gifted

Twenty years I’ve been living in Nashville. And living here you learn something about talented humans that you just can’t learn many other places:

The most admired people don’t admire themselves or demand the admiration of others.

The most gifted make themselves a gift to others.

The most humble woman in this town, for instance, may very well be Amy Grant. What a gift it has been to spend a few days this month on tour with her – to receive her patience (man, how I needed it) and watch her lovingly listen to and serve person after person. And such a dang good story teller – the later the night gets, and the more sweets she’s consumed, the more entertaining the tales. (Birthday-cake-flavored Oreos work best.)

@amygrantofficial taking requests. So many great songs in this woman.

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And Sally Lloyd-Jones was on the bus with us too. Though she’s sold over 2 million books (Can you even imagine creating something 2 million people want??) she never gives off even a hint of arrogance or conceit. Which is even more incredible when considering that virtually anything said in a British accent usually sounds both arrogant and conceited. But not when Sally says it. Now that our tour together is over, I will so miss her sarcasm, her search for an adventure in every city, and making her laugh. (My impersonations work best. Again, especially under the influence of late nights and Oreos.)

And, finally, Ellie Holcomb, who turned out to be every bit as joyful as every photo of her makes her seem. She doesn’t just seem like someone you’d laugh with constantly – she actually is. I’ve never known someone so authentically in love with life and genuinely excited about every new person she gets to meet. And that voice! So much power in that voice.

Well, that was a dream!! Thanks so much @opry for making me feel right at home!

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What an incredible month and some change I’ve had touring with these amazing women on the Evening of Stories and Songs tour (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?). Proving once again that the most admirable folks are the ones least likely to demand our admiration.

They’re givers, not takers. And these ladies have given me a lot.

Thanks, Amy, Sally and Ellie.

Now, as for you there reading along right now. Odds are we haven’t met in the real world…yet. But I imagine you have an awful lot of talent, expertise, a killer personality, accomplishments galore, lots to be proud of. Careful now.

Have an Oreo – better yet, share one with someone who makes you laugh. Especially at yourself.

The most admired don’t admire themselves or demand the admiration of others. The most gifted make themselves a gift to others.