I don’t understand prayer in the least, but now, more than ever, I
need to believe it somehow moves God to action.  Here are a few
things I’m hoping you’ll pray for with me.

1. My Uncle Joel has cancer in his esophagus and stomach.  He
beat it once and I believe it can be beaten again. It’s disheartening –
and that’s not a strong enough word – for a disease he and his family
and doctors worked so hard to defeat to come back again.  I’m
praying for total healing from the top of his head to the bottom of his
feet, of course.  But I’m also praying for hope. I know what it’s
like for hopelessness to creep in, it’s ability to spoil your time and

2. A close friend of mine – let’s call him K – has entered a
rehabilitation program that will last for about a month.  His body
needs alcohol in order to function and he’s scared of what will happen
when he doesn’t get it and he’s not sure who he is without it any
more.  He’s doing an incredibly brave thing by facing those fears
and needs the perseverance to finish the program, stay sober and
rebuild broken relationships when he gets out.  I’m praying for
all this but I’m also asking God to help him pray.

3. Becky does not have Lyme disease.  She has a staph
infection. The antibiotics she’s on relieved some of her symptoms early
on but progress has stalled out. I’m praying this infection goes away
or the doctor changes her medication. (Please don’t leave medical
advice in the comments of this post – just e-mail me: shaunfanmail AT  Thanks.)

4. I’m choosing the bloggers who will be traveling with me to El Salvador in November on behalf of Compassion Bloggers
These are important decisions at a time when I’m still a little
spiritually and mentally shaky – having a hard time making decisions
about what to eat for lunch, much less who God wants on this
trip.  Praying for discernment and the right bloggers (especially
guys) to come my way.  (Please don’t make blogger suggestions in
the comments of this post.  Just e-mail me: shaun AT Thanks.)

I’m committing to pray for your requests every day Just let me know
what I can pray for you and I’ll do it.  Thanks for praying for me
and mine too.