Travis Versus Brandon

This is Brandon. Brandon plays guitars.


This is Travis. Travis is a singer guy.


Travis calls Brandon the little brother he never wished he had.  Brandon earns this title every day.  He’s twenty-three, very from Georgia, says things like “smilin’ like a possum eatin’ briars” and he’s generally constantly obnoxious…in a very tolerable to extremely entertaining sort of way.

Brandon, for instance, walks onto the bus every night after the show and picks on the first person he sees sitting in the front lounge.  This usually involves taunting and some form of physical contact.  Last night, Travis was in the front lounge.  Cindy Morgan and a camera were too.


Travis knows something about Brandon that we’ve all found, um, handy on this tour: He’s ticklish.  Ticklish like a little girl.  And laughs shrieks like one too.


And Travis has children, you see, which means he’s much practiced at the whole tickling thing.  He has form and endurance down.


And so do I.


And when Brandon finally wet himself, well, it made me smile like a possum eatin’ briars.