Ain’t No Party Like A Homeschool Party

imageGabriella (age seven) got a birthday party invitation yesterday from a homeschool friend of hers.  Bless her heart it’s an “around the world celebration” birthday party.

You dress up. Like someone from your favorite country.

They’re bound to play Pin The Capital On The Nation.  And race to name the most world leaders (NASCAR drivers aren’t likely to count).  Happy Birthday will no doubt be sung in multiple languages and home made candles will be blown out.  Surely experiments will be done to determine the caloric content of the birthday cake.

Par. Tay. 

We’re going as Ireland:  Jeans.  T-shirt.  And a Guinness. Easy.

And we’re not RSVPin’ until we get confirmation that Iran and Palestine are not showin’ up.

I can see it now.  The birthday girl, dressed as America – duh – will hand out goody bags to the other nations.  England will get her pick of the birthday girl’s presents but France will throw a tantrum until she and a number of other European Union kids get to “help” her choose.

[Warning: Poor transition ahead]

Speaking of party, Redneck Neighbor started a blog.  World, meet my actual neighbor, pop on over and say howdy.  Redneck Neighbor, welcome to the blogosphere.