Dollar And Sense

Larry King is on in the Atlanta airport.  He’s just asked Rev. Creflo Dollar, under investigation by Congress for using his tax exempt status to get rich, a wonderfully precisely powerful question: Do you ever, Doctor Dollar, [think] you should spend anything lavish on yourself, as long as some people are without?

Doctor Dollar answers, “What’s your question again?”

“Do you ever think why should I spend lavishly on myself when there

are some people who don’t have anything? That’s not God’s message I

don’t think,” Larry says.

Without hesitation, Dr. Dollar answers, “The Bible says, Jesus said, the poor you will have with you

always. “*

Earlier today I spoke at a gathering of Kanakuk staff.  Before today, when I thought of Kanakuk, I thought of sports themed camps run by Christians and attended primarily by white wealthy athletic popular kids – the kind who gave me wedgies in middle school.  When I asked if that perception was correct and deliberate today I was told by a senior staffer that it was. Because it’s believed that the rich athlete is more likely to be a leader at his/her school and in life, Kanakuk has aimed its programs over the years at him/her, hoping to change schools and communities by changing their leaders.  Kanakuk has undeniably changed many rich young athletes positively and permanently.

But Kanakuk has diversified in recent years, I was told today.  Kanakuk now busses inner city kids, entire groups of them, to some of their camps to attend for free.  Not with the rich white kids…yet…but, hey, it’s a start.  These inner city kids get to have fun, eat well, sleep well and be loved on by Kanakuk staff for a week.  This kind of investment makes sense, recognizing that historically influence, movements and revolutions have often begun at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.  In mangers, for instance. 

Yes, we will always have the poor, Rev. Dollar.  And as long as we have the poor, we have the opportunity to recognize their potential, and God’s proclivity to use them, and invest accordingly.

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