Stuff Coming Here Soon

Stuff will be posted here soon.  I promise.

The WORDS blog is the most neglected part of this site and I thought it would be one of the most utilized.  it soon will be.  I think.  I hope.

We’re in the final stages of the final stages of finishing up the book deal.  When that’s signed I’ll post an official announcement here about who I signed with, why and when the book is coming out.

And soon after that, with the publisher’s permission, I’ll post excerpts from the book as they’re edited by the pros.

Then, in time, I’ll post “from the road” type stuff as I do my first book tour and learn about the book business.

So, my apologies.  Good stuff – or some kind of stuff – is coming.  Soon.

In the meantime I have three books I need to post reviews of.  I’ll get on that next week.

See you then.