How does one record a live CD and build a new website without the cash of a record label?  We’re about to find out.  Taking a page from Joe Trippi’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, I’ve added a donation button to the left side of your screen there – in hopes that enough money can be raised to fund version 2.0 of the web and music me.  The idea is that the 600+ people who come here regularly might annie up a buck or two each in support of a new and much better site (combining shlog.com and shaungroves.com) and a piece of silicon full of ones and zeros that will hopefully sound sweet and make us all smile.

I’m making a budget for both the CD and the new site this week and next and will post that when it’s done, along with a goal amount and new donation graphic to show our progress – like Howard Dean’s baseball bat that was filled in with red a little more each day as the goal for campaign contributions was progressed towards.  I’m open to suggestions on what that graphic could be.  Got any?

I’ll also post the details of what this new site will look like, but for now I can honestly say it’s not like any other artist website out there.  It’s core is a blog – three actually.  It’s a blog on crack and steroids at the same time – on crackoids, actually…and lots of Dr.Pepper.

Anyway, I’d appreciate your help building this monster and making my next CD.  You’ll be heavily involved in the making of both if you want to be.  Oh, and if there happens to be left over donation money sitting around when all this is over it’ll be given to Compassion International.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.  Shlog on.