I’m stuck in a moment and can’t get out of it.  Which happens to be the working title of a friend’s written thoughts on getting unstuck and figuring out what to do with your life.  So I approached said friend a couple weeks ago to beg for a preview, a nugget, anything culled form his years of living stuck and unstuck that might help pry me loose from this spot before it becomes home.

“I can do a lot of things at a passing level,” I confessed.  “I know a little about a lot of things.  And I have opportunities in every direction.  I’m frozen by too many options.  I don’t know what to be when I grow up.  I’m nineteen again.”

His advice was his story.  His story took a turn toward what I perceive as the right direction when he asked himself what he was NOT going to do next.  Randy suggested that when it’s paralyzing for some of us to figure out what we WILL do next we need to ask ourselves the opposite question.

So I’ve been pondering what I will NOT do next and here’s some of what I’ve decided – though none of this is dry yet:

1) I won’t work in an office eight hours a day.

2) I won’t travel more than I do now (8 days/month max) until my kids are out of school.

3) I won’t take a job because of the pay.

4) I won’t take a job that doesn’t have a tangible impact on other people for the better.

5) I won’t be a music minister at a church.

6) I will not audition for American Idol.

7) I will not wear shorts, spandex, a suit and tie or a chicken costume.

8) I will not live in Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maine or Alaska…or Louisiana, Florida, Arizona or California…or Guam…or Canada or France.

And that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  But I’m still thinking.  How about you?  What WON’T you do with your life.