Because I Know When To Keep My Mouth Shut

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I know when to keep my mouth shut.

When Kelli writes us down dusty roads to a sponsored child’s home and I feel and smell every step of the journey all over again…

We walked around the corner, feet covered in red dirt. The squared off section of houses surrounded an open courtyard where two tiny little girls greeted us with wide grins. They held dry rolls in their hands and they squealed with delight at a black duck waddling around their bare, dusty feet. –READ MORE


When The Nester writes about a little girl’s plan for tomorrow and I want to put my own down on paper…and write my sponsored children more often…

Her mom just nodded when she talked about her love of science and growing up to be a doctor. I think they are so convinced that can happen because every year Compassion helps the children set goals and also if you are lucky enough to have a sponsor who writes you letters, you are getting encouragement from them as well. Once a child turns 12 they fill out an official paper called “My plan for tomorrow”. I know a lot of adults who could use a little “My Plan For Tomorrow” worksheet–and these children are already encouraged to think about their future at such a young age. It really can change the course of how a family envisions their future. –READ MORE


When Scott preaches the three O’s, writes that God is already there, and I feel my own life worries shrivel…

As we were talking and hearing Leonia tell her story about a rough season in their lives we witnessed one of those “Then God Showed Up” moments. The phrase “Then God Showed Up” seems to always be preceded by some troubles or a bleak situation… “Then God Showed Up.” I understand the context behind the phrase; however it’s one of those phrases that in my opinion reduces the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth to a merely situational God. –READ MORE


When Amy wrote about why she needed to come to Tanzania and I amen’d along…

The email I received asking if I would consider joining Compassion on a trip to Tanzania was the third time a similar opportunity through other organizations had come before me. Each of the other two times I chose work obligations over the leap of faith, but this time I felt that God was trying to tell me something…loudly. Today is not only my sponsored child, Meke’s, birthday, but it also my son’s birthday. I needed to give up being with him as he turned six to support Compassion, spending today in Africa, the home of Meke. It was a decision to sacrifice and ask my son to do the same, but it somehow not only felt like the right decision, but also felt necessary. –READ MORE

I know when to shut.

When there’s nothing more beautiful and true to be said.

So read elsewhere today, if you don’t mind. Take in better words than mine. And then take a child into your heart.