Prince Of Peace, God Of War.  Another Fireproof.

A movie has been made comparing just war theory and Christian non-violence.  You’d think I’d love it.  I didn’t.

Oh, my brain ate up all the information, history, scripture.  Something deeper in me was even inspired several times to be more like Christ.  But most of the time I just sat there wishing: I wish this movie wasn’t head after head talking about theology and history.  I wish just one of these bright guys talking right now would let this camera man follow him home.  I wish one of these guys would show me what it looks like in their neighborhood/office/church/Palestine to live justly or non-violently.  I wish this movie wasn’t all telling and no showing. Yep, I wished that again.

Some folks got mad at me for wishing this about Kirk Cameron’s latest film Fireproof not long ago.  Hate me if you want, but dadgumit if I’m not consistent.  Maybe it’s just my brain, but I always prefer to see thoughts lived out rather than only hearing them spelled out.  Showing, as opposed to telling, is far more convincing, educational and inspiring to me than talking alone.

Now, I think Prince of Peace, God of War is a great history lesson and theological lecture. I think anyone wanting an overview of the biblical and historical basis for pacifism and just war theory should watch it.  In fact, you should go download it right now.  It’s free. It’s one of the best lectures I’ve heard on the subject. But it’s not one of the better movies I’ve seen.  And that’s unfortunate because, like Fireproof, I’m afraid that will mean its important truths will primarily be heard by a small number of people, most of whom already espouse them.