Car Talk

I’ve ben short on time and ideas lately and my road videos have suffered because of it.  Actually, I haven’t even made one in a few weeks.  But I’m back in the game now.

Brody and I ran into Transition Pete this last weekend at a gig in Virginia.  At dinner he asked us what we talk about in the car.  Well, it just so happens we had recorded a little of what goes on in the rental car.  An edit here.  Another there.  And Transition Pete has his answer, I get to feel like less of a slacker, and you get to be entertained (hopefully) at the same time.  Got something YOU’D like to see on a future video?  Got a question you need answered?  Let me know in the comments.

PS. This video was created by me but approved by Brody…but not Brody’s mom.