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While We Wait (The Meaning Of Advent)

The Old Testament ends with two commands from the prophet Malachi. He tells God’s people to remember: Remember that God has done great things for you. Then to believe: Believe God’s not through doing great things with you. Remember. Moses, chariots drowned, cloud by day and fire by night, manna,… Read More
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Joy to the city at a time. Tonight we're spreading some joy in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Tomorrow it's Houston's turn. Come see us this month and hear Christmas Vol.1 live. Details at
I'm terrible at learning names. So, at the start of a new tour I assign easier to remember nicknames to the crew. This, for example, is our stage manager Yukon Cornelius. Yukon, for short.

The Hardest Part Of Independent Music Made Easy

Today’s the official launch of Christmas Vol.1! This is the hardest day for an independent artist. But not me. I have you. Visit to share Christmas Vol.1 with the interwebs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve made it a cinch to tell your friends about this album by… Read More
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