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What Is Your Typical Day?

She stands beside the family’s one bed, under a dangling light bulb. A well-fed one year-old sleeps beside her so she speaks in a near whisper. “What is your typical day like?” Micah asks. As the translator churns English into Amharic, the young mother in a red t-shirt hides her… Read More
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"Who is God to you," I asked. "He is my father, my dad," she said. "What do you talk to God about?" I asked. "I just thank him for everything," she said. "I lack nothing." This woman and her four children live in 9 square feet - a literal hole in a wall down an alley more narrow than my shoulders. #ethiopia #compassion

3 Ways To Create Christian Rock Stars

Rock Star • noun - A performer behaving in an arrogant, rude, or obnoxious manner. The stage manager was panicked. The festival was more than an hour behind schedule. Because of a city curfew, power to the stage would be shut off at 10. Road managers were asked to have their artists… Read More
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Last Day To Join Us

I’m sitting in the Chicago airport waiting to board my flight to Oregon (check out where I’m headed). And I just pressed “send” on an email that only a few people will see. My producer, Gabe Scott, and I spent the week in his studio choosing songs for my Christmas… Read More
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Haymant, 3rd year computer science major, former @compassion sponsored child, holding the picture taken the day she was registered into Compassion's program when she was 7. "We had no other choice so I was registered for Compassion. They took care of school expenses, gave me bible lessons - I was shaped. Because of the library here (at the Compassion partner church) and support from Compassion staff I was a top tier student. I also became successful because of the social aspect (of being at the Compassion partner church). We are not timid." #ethiopia #compassion #sponsorshipworks
Letters from sponsors in America bundled to be delivered to translators in Ethiopia...then to children across the country. When's the last time you wrote your sponsored child? #ethiopia #compassion

Where Are The Ravens?

I lift it gingerly from the store shelf and the shopkeeper rushes over to make the sell. Bethlehem loves American tourists. “Is it real gold?” It is. It’s Russian. From the 17th Century. An icon. The orthodox, he explains, consider icons to be “windows into heaven.” Not just depictions of… Read More
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