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The Next Leader Of Compassion Bloggers

It’s been an incredible six years of seeing bloggers become friends and passionate advocates for children. Together, we’ve laughed and ugly-cried our way around the world. We’ve survived bat swarms and monkey ambushes. And our words have released 7,526 children from poverty in Jesus’ name! I will always treasure my… Read More
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What a great surprise to hear "Better Days" on @wayfmnashville this morning! Thank you!
A year ago the back of my Whirlpool range melted, sending flames out the back of it. The Whirlpool repairman "fixed" it by replacing the melted part...and encasing it in half a sweet tea bottle. Well, that part melted again, this burning the wall behind the range. Turns out sweet tea bottle are far less flame retardant than sweet tea. #whirlpool @whirlpoolusa @whirlpoolcare

How Facebook Rescued Children From Islam

This is the story of how three Americans and one Facebook message helped rescue Ugandan children from poverty and Islam. It all started back in 2010 when Jody reading along as I posted stories from Guatemala. She decided to share one of them with her friends on Facebook. It took… Read More
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