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The Gift Of Skepticism

“As you go into all the world…” Then Jesus ascended and disciples scattered. Both men named James stayed in Jerusalem with Simon, John, and Matthew Peter eventually left Jerusalem for Italy. Andrew set off to tell the people of modern day Bulgaria and Georgia about Jesus. Phillip traveled to Turkey.… Read More
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And for the first time in six years I have an empty inbox. Some things about Compassion Bloggers will not be missed. The mail-o-lanche is all yours now @brimckoy. (By the way, I'm using Mailbox for Mac and I highly recommend it.)

The Next Leader Of Compassion Bloggers

It’s been an incredible six years of seeing bloggers become friends and passionate advocates for children. Together, we’ve laughed and ugly-cried our way around the world. We’ve survived bat swarms and monkey ambushes. And our words have released 7,526 children from poverty in Jesus’ name! I will always treasure my… Read More
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