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The Difference Between Sadness & Depression

What’s the difference between depression and sadness? Here’s what every parent needs to know. Sadness Sadness is something a mentally healthy person should feel…when parents are fighting, money is tight, a grandparent dies, a girlfriend breaks up, a bully belittles, a “friend” gossips, failures pile on… Sane people feel sad.… Read More

One Thing That Made Me A Better Husband, Parent & Worker

There’s no shortage of resources for the self-obsessed. Are you a D, I, S, or C? An INTJ or an ESTJ? A beaver or a lion?

I’m a little cynical and a lot skeptical about it all. Can you tell?

I’ve taken all these tests – against my will – and walked away from each with a new label and little else. But Strengths Finder 2.0 actually helped me immediately in very practical ways. View Post

A Message To The World (Why We Homeschool)

We sat on the bank of the creek talking about Middle School. I suddenly noticed her – really noticed her, took her in. I was shocked at how her cherub toddler limbs have slimmed and stretched overnight into the beautiful girl beside me. And we remembered together why we chose not to put her on that bus six years ago and why we’ve now decided it’s time. View Post