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Martin Luther King Jr – Speaking Between The Voices

Fifty years ago this week, Martin Luther King Jr bellowed a dream from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His was a voice between that still guides mine. The White Racist Voice All Martin’s life he’d been told he was worthless. Worth less. Unworthy to drink from their fountains, sit… Read More

Cross-Shaped Part 4

If we but believe the Lord’s word, [many] are walking in the shadow of eternal death, are already committed to the grave of hell, and liable to be devoured forever by the eternal, unquenchable fire, unless from their hearts they turn unto Christ and his word, repent, and become regenerated,… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 9)

Still answering Elijah’s question about the biblical foundations of “mission” as I understand it. So far we’ve touched on love, Eden, flood and fame, Abraham, Exodus through Ruth, Israel’s choice to replace God with a king, the exiles and the “pre-exilic” prophet Isaiah. Now, let’s look at one chapter from the “exilic” prophet… Read More