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Answering Elijah (Part 5)

If you’re just tuning in, Elijah is a seminarian (and blogger) at Fuller who’s asked me (for an assignment of his) what biblical foundation I have for my understanding of “mission.” So far my answer’s covered love, Eden, flood and fame, and Abraham. Now, summaries of books Exodus through Ruth. I’m… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 4)

Elijah, judging from the comments on these posts, or the lack thereof, it looks like it might just be you and me still reading them! Moving along…more quickly now. For those of you just joining us, Elijah is a seminary student and blogger at Fuller Theological who’s asked me, as… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 3)

Elijah, thanks again for the chance to think through what the bible says about “mission” – and to do it out loud like this. The rest of you, if you’re just tuning in…First we talked about love, then Eden, and now flood insurance and the pursuit of fame. The Great… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 2)

Elijah, you’ve asked me what biblical foundation I have for my mission theology. Dude, that’s a tough one. Because my biblical foundation is the bible. All of it.

Like handkerchiefs up a magician’s sleeve, any single missional passage I could cite is tied to another, and that to another, and another… View Post