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Answering Elijah (Part 12)

Catch up on this series about the biblical foundations of my understanding of “mission” by going here. Last time I wrote about the Good News, or gospel. The Good News Jesus preached was simply “The kingdom of God is here.” But what did He mean? Why is this kingdom thing… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 10)

Elijah, I promise we’re almost done looking at the biblical foundations of (my understanding of) “mission.” We’re now at the New Testament and I don’t plan on dissecting it as thoroughly as I did the Old. I promise. We Christians know the story of Jesus pretty dang well already, and… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 8)

Back from Montana and back to answering your question about the biblical basis for my understanding of “mission,” Elijah. So far we’ve covered love, Eden, flood and fame, Abraham, Exodus through Ruth, Israel’s choice to replace God with a king, and the exiles. Now I’m doubling back to the book of Isaiah, written to the… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 7)

Sorry for the break, Elijah. I’ve been on the road. Not that there’s a lack of interwebs on the road, but… Anyway. Back at it now. Walking through scripture once again to answer your question about the biblical basis for my understanding of “mission.” So far we’ve hit love, Eden,… Read More

Answering Elijah (Part 6)

Thanks for hanging with me through this very long answer to Elijah’s great question about my biblical basis for “mission.” Moving along… So far we’ve covered love, Eden, flood and fame, Abraham and the books Exodus through Ruth. Now, the period of the kings. Rejecting God For A King Samuel… Read More