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Do Faithful Christians Experience Depression & Anxiety? Psalm 42

Do faithful followers of God experience anxiety and depression? David did. I have. David models a way through mental illness in Psalm 42. •David got REAL David was honest with God and others about his thoughts and feelings. He admitted he was thirsty, panting, weeping, doubting, not eating, feeling alone… Read More

The Difference Between Sadness & Depression

What’s the difference between depression and sadness? Here’s what every parent needs to know. Sadness Sadness is something a mentally healthy person should feel…when parents are fighting, money is tight, a grandparent dies, a girlfriend breaks up, a bully belittles, a “friend” gossips, failures pile on… Sane people feel sad.… Read More

Best Of The Net (Atheism, Marching Band, & Madness)

Here’s the best stuff I’ve run across this week on-line. Did I miss something great? Tell me about and link to it in the comments! What Christians Need To Know About Mental Health First up, What Christians Need To Know About Mental Health from Ann Voskamp. As someone who’s been… Read More