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Nothing A Giant Robotic Sloth And A Little Lunch Couldn’t Fix

I’ve met three of the kids we sponsor through Compassion. The first visit, in El Salvador, was spectacular.  It felt scripted even, like this sarcastic charismatic little girl was picked out for me by someone at eHarmony.  Perfect fit.  She hung out on my shoulders most of the day, laughed… Read More

It’s Impossible.  Really.

My wife Becky is the warmest accountant you’ll ever meet.  But she’s still an accountant, which, according to her, means she’s not as emotional as us artsy types – which is yet another reason I was glad she came along with us to India. It would be nice, I thought,… Read More

Indian For Home

We’re home and beginning the difficult process of re-entry: adjusting to the wealth, routines and time zone of home. Pray for all of the bloggers and Becky for the next week or so, will ya?  Pray specifically for humility, patience, gentleness and rest…lots of rest.  And please give me a… Read More