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Ain’t No Party Like A Homeschool Party ‘Cause A Homeschool Party Don’t Stop

Years ago, when we opted to homeschool our oldest instead of putting her on the bus to kindergarten, the public schools in our area hosted back to school bashes. Not wanting Gabriella to feel left out, Becky threw the first ever cul-de-sac back to school party. It’s become a tradition.… Read More

A Message To The World (Why We Homeschool)

We sat on the bank of the creek talking about Middle School. I suddenly noticed her – really noticed her, took her in. I was shocked at how her cherub toddler limbs have slimmed and stretched overnight into the beautiful girl beside me. And we remembered together why we chose not to put her on that bus six years ago and why we’ve now decided it’s time. View Post

In Favor Of Equal Access For Homeschoolers in Williamson County Tennessee

Williamson County School Board,

I’m thankful for the opportunity to correspond with you on behalf of some in the Williamson County homeschool community and my three children concerning provision 4.301 – policy denying educational equity for homeschooled students. View Post