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Who Really Loves That Way?

This post is a discussion of Chapter 9: Who Really Loves That Way? from Francis Chan‘s Crazy Love. I wrote it to play my part in an on-line book club started by Jess and Angie. To keep up with all the book club happenings check out the Bloom book club… Read More

The Proper Execution Of A Child Takedown

If you ever visit a Compassion International project. And you’re nervous about it because, well, it’s 200 or so kids versus just little ol’ you… and you don’t know the language… and you can’t make balloon animals or juggle… and you’re wondering to yourself Self, what on earth are you… Read More

Antes El Salvador

I could use your help making our trip next week as beneficial to kids in El Salvador and Americans with internet access as possible. Could you please… 1. Pray. To see the names and faces of the bloggers going with us visit Pray for their families they’ll leave behind,… Read More