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The Most Powerful Organization On Earth

When foreign correspondent, Brian Stewart, gave the commencement address at Knox College in Toronto, he told graduates about the most powerful and daring organization he’s come across in his years of travel around the world. I’ve found there is no movement, or force, closer to the raw truth of war,… Read More
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That time when 878 @compassion kids were sponsored in one Steve Jones and @taylorupchurch celebrated with Fun Dip at around midnight. So happy to be home but I sure miss these guys and seeing hundreds of kids sponsored every night. #RWRS15
Last day of @theroadshow. Celebrating Palm Sunday together in "tour church" with music, prayer and communion. #RWRS15 #palmsunday

Give A Listen To The Other Side

Audi alteram partem. That’s Latin for “listen to the other side” or “let the other side be heard as well”. This legal maxim keeps the courtroom fair: Wise judgements cannot be made unless everyone is heard. Audi alteram partem. That’s good advice outside the courtroom too. It is increasingly easy to misjudge one another… Read More
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