Can I Coach You? (Now offering public speaking coaching!)

I’ve been speaking on behalf of Compassion International at churches, concerts, conferences, and colleges for sixteen years now. In that time, we’ve seen well over 100,000 children sponsored!

Shaun Groves speaking for Compassion international
photo credit: Eric Brown

I’ve learned a lot over the years from great communicators and from my own great mistakes. If I can use what I’ve learned to help other speakers and non-profits tell persuasive stories better, together we can help so many more people.

Recently, I’ve starting doing one-on-one coaching with some of Compassion’s speakers – and I love it! And it’s working!

I start by encouraging these speakers – showing them what they’re already doing very well. Then, I help them craft a more persuasive story and tell it better, improve their speaking fundamentals (body language, tone, etc), and build a more effective call to action.

I’ve seen responses double and triple after only one coaching session. A few small tweaks can make a huge difference!

If you or your organization would like to tell better stories that do more good, I’d love to help you too. You can reach me via email right here.

Thank you!

Shaun Groves speaking
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