How I Got SICK

“Have you been hacked?” someone asked. “I can’t believe you’d actually post this,” said another.

No, I have not been hacked. Yes, I am actually manufacturing a slightly inappropriate card game for kids. And here’s how that happened…


I struggle to buy gifts for my nieces and nephews. What do you get tweens and teens besides technology, gift cards, or cash?

So, two Christmases ago I created a safe(r)-for-the-whole-family version of Cards Against Humanity for my sister’s kids. They laugh easily and loudly and haven’t outgrown family game nights.

With my fingers crossed we sat down to play. And play and play and play. They loved it! And SICK was born.

SICK stands for Slightly Inappropriate Cards For Kids. It’s for kids who’ve outgrown Apples To Apples but who don’t want Jesus to come back and find them playing Cards Against Humanity. (And really…should anyone play that game?)

SICK is just edgy enough that older kids think they’re getting by with something, but not so edgy that parents start saving up to bail them out of jail some day.

After we got home that Christmas, I did a little research. Turns out there just aren’t many games out there that tween and teen girls and guys can play together that don’t involve a cell phone or X-Box. Seemed like there was a need for something like SICK – something families with older kids could enjoy together.

But what do I know about manufacturing a card game? Zilch.

Then, my friend Amy connected me with a woman who runs an organization that equips and encourages women in the toy industry. She introduced me to a woman who “helps inventors turn their ideas into realities.” And she found me a fair-trade certified and environmentally friendly manufacturer to make SICK at a reasonable price. I hired an attorney to file for trademarks and make sure I’m not violating anyone’s patents. It’s been a fun and lengthy process.

The next step? Now I’m turning to Kickstarter and you.

If you’ve got older kids and you’re having a hard time amusing them when they’re grounded from technology? Order your copy of SICK on Kickstarter today and it’ll arrive in time for Christmas. Offer ends October 5th!

But SICK isn’t just for parents of tweens and teens! Youth ministers are ordering SICK. College students are getting SICK as an alternative to Cards Against Humanity and other inappropriate games. People who don’t have kids at all are buying SICK for game nights with friends.


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