Eyes To See

I don’t use exclamation marks unless it is completely called for, so…You are going to love this! You need this! Your church needs this! And it’s FREE!
Eyes to See is a FREE six week devotional and video series created by Compassion Canada to help us see God, ourselves, each other, and the world more clearly. Visit eyestosee.ca to sign-up for the FREE digital devotional AND supplemental videos (I’m the speaker guy in those). You can also order a hardcopy version as well (not free). This is a GREAT resource for entire churches, small groups, families, or individuals.
Here’s the synopsis: Poverty is not just a lack of money. Poverty is broken relationships. Broken relationship with God, ourselves, each other, and the world. So, in this sense, we are all experiencing poverty.
But Jesus came to “reconcile all things” – to put what is broken back together. Eyes To See combines bible study with magnificent stories from home and around the world to demonstrate how we are all broken and how God is putting us all back together again.
Did I mention this is FREE? Sign-up to receive Eyes To See at eyestosee.ca or just go there and watch the “trailer”.

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