Good News From Texas

Don’t we all need some good news? It’s so good to see so many neighbors coming together and loving each other well in Texas right now. Courageous first responders, the National Guard, and everyday folks…


Hurricane Harvey Good Smaritan
Source: NY Magazine


I’m especially encouraged by all the churches across South Texas that are making the most of this opportunity to make God known by displaying God’s power and love to everyone in need. Good Samaritans putting their neighbors on their backs – sometimes literally!


Hurricane Harvey Houston rescue
Source: The New York Times


Everyone is watching you, Church. Your kindness is a testimony and a headline the world needs to see right now. Keep going!


Hurricane Harvey rescue
Source: NBC News
Friends who are dry right now? Let’s keep praying. And if you’re wanting to give or volunteer, here are a few friends of mine serving the Houston area well:
Amanda Jones and Robbie Seay – both friends for many years – are leaders at Bayou City Fellowship. Visit their site to give and volunteer:
Jason Shepperd – a friend since I was 12 – pastors Church Project and is mobilizing his congregation to serve those in need all over the Houston area. Visit to contact their disaster response team.
Chris Seay was my pastor in college and today minsters at Ecclesia Houston. They are offering to house and coordinate volunteers who come to Houston to help. Visit to get in touch.
Thanks, friends.