The Most Powerful Organization On Earth

When foreign correspondent, Brian Stewart, gave the commencement address at Knox College in Toronto, he told graduates about the most powerful and daring organization he’s come across in his years of travel around the world.

I’ve found there is no movement, or force, closer to the raw truth of war, famines, crises and the vast human predicament than organized Christianity in action.

And there is no alliance more determined and dogged in action than church worker, ordained and lay members when mobilized for a common good.

It is these Christians who are right “on the front lines”of committed humanity today and when I want to find that front, I follow their trail. It is a vast front, stretching from the most impoverished reaches of the developing world to the hectic struggle to preserve caring values in our own towns and cities.

I have never been able to reach these front lines without finding Christian volunteers already in the thick of it, mobilizing congregations that care, and being a faithful witness to truth, the primary light in the darkness, and so often the only light.”

The most powerful organization on earth today is not a government or a corporation.

It is the Body of Jesus Christ, the Church.