How Facebook Rescued Children From Islam

This is the story of how three Americans and one Facebook message helped rescue Ugandan children from poverty and Islam.

It all started back in 2010 when Jody reading along as I posted stories from Guatemala. She decided to share one of them with her friends on Facebook. It took her less than a minute to do it. She had no idea how God would use those few seconds to change entire lives.

This is Jody.


Cliff is one of Jody’s Facebook friends. He plays bass guitar at her church and is one of several volunteers helping organize worship services there every week.

Cliff read the blog post of mine that Jody shared. And then read some more. And some more. And eventually Cliff emailed Micah (my booking guy) to see how hard it would be to bring me to his church on a Sunday morning – to teach, tell stories, ask people to sponsor some children. It wasn’t hard at all.

Meanwhile…Mary went to Uganda. She’s a veterinarian who sometimes travels overseas to teach impoverished communities how to raise and care for goats, cows and other income-generating animals.

In Uganda, Mary traveled to Gulu in the North, where Joseph Kony once stole children to serve as sex slaves and soldiers in his army. The area is deeply impoverished – not just economically, but emotionally and spiritually too.

In Gulu, Mary visited a local pastor who wanted to care for children in the community but didn’t know where to start. Across the street from his church, Muslims had built an education center and were giving a cow to any family who would enroll their children. Mary, who has sponsored children through Compassion International for years, contacted Compassion staff in Uganda and within 24 hours the Christian pastor was meeting with them about the prospect of opening a child development center at his church.

Mary promised the pastor that if his church was approved by Compassion, if a child development center was opened there, she would find sponsors for every child they registered in its program. She’s keeping that promise.

Mary also goes to church with Jody and Cliff. When she heard I was coming to speak about Compassion she made sure the child sponsorship tables in the church lobby were filled with nothing but packets from that little church in Uganda. This is Mary.


Yesterday, four years after I wrote that blog post in Guatemala, 63 kids were sponsored. These kids will receive education, health care, proper nutrition, clean water and will hear about a God who loves them very much. They won’t have to convert to Christianity in order to get the help they need.

Thank you, Jody, Cliff, Mary and everyone at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship.